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Small Bulgarian producer of rare organic, top quality and 100% pure herbal essential oils

Essential Oil Lavender field Bulgaria

Established in 2009 in Varna, Bulgaria by three ambitious young families, inspired by the magic of essential oils and motivated to establish modern and successful organic agriculture farming, as per EU standards.

In 2009 they found the perfect place for herbs cultivating in an old-fashioned village called Bial Briag. It is located in the middle of a beautiful sunlit valley where the river Kamchia flows and at the foothills of the mighty Balkan mountain, in the North-east part of the country at an altitude of 240m. The area has a long-lasting history of lavender and other herbs growing.

Essential Oil Rose Bulgaria          Essential Oil Rose Bulgaria   

Being organic, the fields are never treated with any sort of pesticides or herbicides, hence a lot of manual labor in farming is required. In addition to having strong traditional experience, the producer has constantly implemented the latest tendencies in good cultivation practice and modern technologies in post-harvest management and distillation.

Essential Oil Distillery          Essential Oil Distillery