Q. Are Verdure’s Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?

A. Therapeutic Grade is an internal standard developed by companies which are not regulated. All of Verdure’s oils are 100% pure, natural (free from adulteration and additives) and undiluted.


Q. Are Verdure’s Essential Oils Organic?

A. We work very hard with our suppliers to provide the oil that comes from organically grown plants but there are small farmers who cannot afford to certify themselves. In order not to leave high-quality producers behind, we have decided to support all available producers and assess them on the equality of their oil and the quality of their production system.


Q. How are Verdure’s Oils being sourced?

A. We search far and wide to bring to you the best oils available by sampling various oils from different origins and go through an elaborate selection process. We also take into consideration the quality and the energy levels of the oils. We import our essential oils from the distillers of various origin. We have built strong relationships with farmers and distiller around the world, and will continually seek new and exciting essential oils to offer.


Q. How are Verdure’s Oils being processed?

A. Essential oils are steam distilled except for citrus essential oils which are cold pressed. All carrier oils are cold pressed and lightly scented because no heat treatment has taken place leaving your oil with full of nourishing nutrients. Whenever possible, we avoid heat extraction method to maintain its maximum therapeutic benefit.


Q. Why does Verdure’s selling price fluctuate?

A. Essential oils are in a volatile industry and prices move every day depending on the supply and demand. Verdure has priced the selling price so close to the cost, it leaves a minimal gap for any price shock. We would try our best to absorb the cost if it still within our range and at the same time, we would also pass on the savings to the customer if the cost goes down. Unfortunately, essential oils are being more and more sought after making the pricing only upwards and on a steep increasing trend. For example, Manuka essential oil’s cost has almost doubled in the course of a year.


Q. How Does Your 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Work?

A. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. That is why we offer a 30-day credit or money back guarantee. If your purchase does not fulfill your needs for any reason, you can return your item within the 30 days of purchase. Please refer to our return policy for more details.


Q. How Do I Return A Product?

A. Please send email to joelle@verdure.com.my