Who we source from Australia

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The company was established in 2011 as a resource for essential oil producers/grower to represent the single origin producers of Australian grown native essential oils and natural ingredients. It was established by the founder as a resource for essential oil producers/growers who have invested in or are interested in the Australian essential oil industry. The founder has been involved in Australian agri-business for over 30 years, specialising directly in the essential oil industry for the last 18 years.

Australian supplier          Australian supplier

Why Buy Australian

Australia has a unique array of plant resources. Some of these are commercially harvested for markets. Others are yet to be developed or fully appreciated.

In world markets, the most predominant demand from Australia is for plant products which are distinctly Australian. It is more commonly understood in these markets that Australia produces consistent quality in an environment regarded as cleaner than in any other production area in the world.

Research has a significant body of work accumulated over the last 100 years which show that Australian origin plant products have valuable attributes for a wide range of applications.


Click here for watch interviews with mentors in the Australian essential oil industry about an overview of the current market and bright future Australia will play in the global market.