Who we source from Egypt

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The Pharaonic papyrus confirms that the ancient Egyptian were the first people who used the essential oils in their marriage, religion & political events Rituals. The secret of their success in the mummification process was the natural oils such as sandalwood and myrrh, cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, which made the mummies retain their properties till now.

Essential oil from Egypt          Essential oil from Egypt

The company was founded by a family-owned business which has the expertise in the Essential Oils -business for over 25 years.

This company established in this area between Sakkara Town & Abu Seer Town. These areas include Sakkara pyramid, Abu seer pyramids & prison of the messenger Youssef. This help in planting needed quantities of medical & perfumed plants, this creates a good relationship between company and farmers. this gave them an antecedence of not using herbicide or a chemical fertilizer.

Essential Oil from Egypt          Essential Oil from Egypt          Essential Oil from Egypt

Pure stainless steel distillers for production of pure essential oils that are free from heavy metals.