Who we source from Morocco

Morocco Argan Cedarwood Cypress Apricot Kernel Sweet

Where we source for 100% Pure Certified Organic Virgin and deodorized Argan Oil

Wild Argan Trees Southern Morocco Certified Organic Virgin Argan Deodorised oil

It is sourced from the southern region of Morocco where the Argan trees grow naturally without human interference.

Wild Argan Trees Southern Morocco

Directly hand-picked by the network of organic certified and Fair-Trade Argan oil cooperatives.

Shelling argan nuts and selecting of Kernels by local women          Shelling argan nuts and selecting of Kernels by local women

Shelling argan nuts and selecting of Kernels by local women.

Argan Oil Process

The oil is cold-pressed and passes through the oil plates natural active carbon (note) imported from Germany as part of the filtration process. This filtration process fixes the oil qualities and neutralises potential risks of germs.

Note: As you probably know, the use of plates natural active carbon in the field of treatment of drinking water, the air is very old, and is even part of Good Hygiene Practices, and does not affect the quality product. Its use in the field of processing of vegetable oils is relatively new.


All our argan oil has been certified organic by CCPB and meet the regulation standards of (EC) No.834/2007, No889/2008  and USDA Organic of the highest-quality natural argan oil 100% organic.

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