Best essential oil for Eczema

Following are the recommended essential oils for eczema depending on the level of treatment. If you do not have some of the oil, simply swap with oil that has a similar therapeutic effect.

Mild eczema

  1. Lavender and or Cedarwood (calm and soothing)
  2. Tea Tee or Rosalina (treat skin related issues)
  3. Copaiba (healing, itch and pain)

Serious eczema

  1. Chamomile Roman (calm and soothing)
  2. Manuka (treat skin related issues)
  3. Frankincense (healing)
  4. Helichrysum (healing, itch and pain)

Direction: Dilute with carrier oil and apply on the flaring spots. You can also further dilute it as a body moisturiser to reduce the risk of serious flaring again.

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Best essential oil for Eczema Lavender Cedarwood Tea Tree Rosalina Copaiba Chamomile Roman Manuka Frankincense Helichrysum

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