Blend Your Own Guide

Why BYO (Blend your own)?
  • Multi-purpose – Blended oil has a combination of therapeutic benefits as every oil on its own has its own benefit which can be blended into numerous recipes for various uses
  • Flexibility and individual customization – everyone has a different preference for the type of smell that they like and the body might react more effectively to one oil than another. Blending your own gives you a chance to try out the best combination that works for you.
  • Ability to control dosage – for example, to prevent eczema, manuka essential oil is normally diluted in a blend which can be used daily as a moisturizer but if eczema flares up, you would use neat or close to neat of manuka essential oil to treat the condition.

Why blend your own essential oil

Why BYO (Blend your own) face serum?
  • Essential oils have been used in skincare and anti-aging products for a long time.
  • Benefit from aromatherapy (2 in 1) – not only your skin is getting the therapeutic benefit, you will benefit from inhaling the aroma of essential oils during application
  • Flexibility and individual customization – every individual has different skin type and skin issues which might be affected differently depending on the weather, age, and environment. BYO serum gives you an option for these customization and best of all you can blend your preferred smell
  • Maximum benefit and nutrient – Your skin will benefit from the various nutrients contained in essential oils. By making a different blend every 3 – 6 months, not only does your skin gets different nutrients, you will also experience different aromas every time a different combination is made.

essential oils for face serum

How to byo (blend your own)?

Synergy Blend

A synergy blend can be created by combining different essential oils of various therapeutic benefits.

It typically consists of 3 – 5 essential oils (we do not recommend anything more than 7 essential oil as it will lose focus on the main purpose of the blend).

  • Core/Main – choose an essential oil with the therapeutic benefit that you are trying to achieve
  • Enhancer – choose an essential oil that strengthens the core essential oil
  • Harmonizer – choose an essential oil that supports and harmonizes the core and enhancer
  • Additional essential oils – can act as enhancer or harmonizer
  1. Before blending, give all of them a smell at one go and see if it goes well together.
  2. Start blending by putting a few drops of each essential oil, focusing more drops on the core/main oil and smell again. You will be able to gauge if a particular oil is too overpowering or underpowered and work towards the correct ratio.
  3. The secret is to always start at the lowest quantity and work upwards. After you are satisfied, combine with a carrier oil or dynamic blend (combination of carrier oils) and give it a good swirl, smelling it again and add a few drops of essential oil as you see fit.
  4. Test your blend by applying a small amount on your skin and smell, and add additional drops if necessary.

Note: As oil that comes from the same origin will have slightly different smell depending on the location, type of soil, amount of rainfall, harvesting period etc., it is very important to smell your blend even if it is an old recipe to check if any adjustment is required.

Dynamic Blend

Choose 2 – 3 of your favourite carrier oils and blend them together, for example, 50:50 or 30:70 ratio to get the result that you want

Note: Pick one carrier oil at a time and try it out for at least 2 weeks then you can play around with the ratio to work out the best for your skin type

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BYO Dilution Guide

Download and print the handy dilution guide below.

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BYO Examples

Blend your own BYO Argan Frankincense Lavender Geranium Anti-Ageing Wrinkles Face serum          Blend your own BYO Safflower Chamomile roman Manuka Copaiba Acne Eczema Face serum


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Respiratory V Rosalina Eucalyptus Frankincense Helichrysum Marjoram Sweet Ginger Cypress          Healing V organic essential oil Eczema Burn Bite Sting Scar Acne          Calming V Stress Anxiety Depression Insomnia          

StressVGone Stress Headache Migraine Depression Copaiba Mandarin Chamomile Roman Cedarwood Lavender Clove Bud          Muscle relief V Headache Migraine Muscle pain Pain killer Helichrysum Copaiba Wintergreen Peppermint Clove Marjoram Sweet Lemon          PainVGone Headache Migraine Muscle pain Pain killer Helichrysum Wintergreen Peppermint Clove