Essential Oils for Pets Cat Dog

Just as aromatherapy can benefit humans both physically and psychologically, it can also benefit your pet. Below are some of the recommended essential oils:

Lavender – reduce anxiety, helps inflammation

Cedarwood – reduce anxiety, promote calmness

Frankincense – promotes healing and increase immunity

Copaiba – helps inflammation, reduce pain, and may help to improve urinary incontinence issue

Helichrysum – helps inflammation, a natural painkiller, promotes healing

Manuka – provide natural antiseptic skin protection, treat the wound, bites, stings and other skin issues

Below are some of the ideas to get you started.

  • Traveling with pets? Lavender or Cedarwood can help to reduce their anxiety and helps to induce sleep
  • Pets under infection? Manuka and Frankincense can help speed up the healing process and increase the pets immunity system
  • Pets with wound or suffering pain? Copaiba and Helichrysum help to reduce inflammation, speed up healing and also acts as a natural painkiller
  • Pets with urinary incontinence (an involuntary or accidental loss of urine from the bladder) issue? Copaiba can help to reduce the emotional stress and may reduce or delay pre-mature urinary incontinence issue
  • Pets with separation anxiety issue? Separation anxiety issue often relates to pet’s behavior when left alone. Pet might urinate, chew, howl, bark excessively or show other symptoms of distress. Put Lavender, Cedarwood and Copaiba as single or blended before leaving your pet alone to reduce their stress and anxiety level

Dosage: Follow the guidelines as to how you would introduce it to your baby. Start with diffusing and if no allergic reaction, you can slowly move on to diluted essential oil on the paw.


Please find the handy guide below:

Essential Oils for Pets Cat Dog Lavender Cedarwood Frankincense Manuka Copaiba Helichrysum Urinary incontinence separation anxiety

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