Antibacterial Antivirus Essential Oil

Why? It could be due to the existing virus in the house or more commonly the member who took part in taking care of the patient is exhausted physically and emotionally hence more vulnerable to a virus attack.

What can we actually do to prevent or reduce the risk of the virus spreading in the house? The most common symptoms are itchy throat, cold, flu, cough and phlegm. If your family member has an early indication of these symptoms, follow some of the steps below:

1. Treat the potential patient by increasing their immunity and address their symptoms by using oils with immunity and respiratory properties oil such as Eucalyptus, Rosalina, Clove, Lemon Myrtle and Tea Tree.

  • add Cypress to loosen mucus, phlegm, and congestion
  • add Frankincense and or Helichrysum to speed up healing
  • add Marjoram Sweet, Helichrysum and or Copaiba to reduce pain caused by spasm
  • add Ginger if the sickness is caused by ‘cold’
  • add Peppermint for temporary relief

Dilute and apply on the feet, chest and neck. Try our Respiratory V recipe, also available in Blended and Diluted.

2. Diffuse immunity properties essential oil around the house and during sleep.

3. Dilute and apply immunity properties essential oil on yet to be an infected family member for prevention and reduce the risk of falling sick.

For prevention measures:

  • Apply and diffuse immunity properties essential oil when the weather is changing and during flu season.
  • Most of the essential oils have anti-bacterial properties and some with additional anti-viral properties as well such as palmarosa and oregano. Dilute and apply the essential oils when you are planning to visit to public places such as clinic and hospital. For children, apply diluted oil on the feet before sending them off to childcare or any public play area.


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