Oil Vs Water based skincare Essential Oil Carrier Oil

Due to development in the cosmetic industry, many people have fear of oils. We are used to hearing “Oils are bad! They’ll make your skin oily. You should buy oil-free products for your skin.”

We wholeheartedly disagree! Once you have found the right oil for your skin (or combination of oils), we’re pretty sure you’ll come over to our side of the fence. Water-based moisturizer makes you feel hydrated temporarily but doesn’t give your skin long-term moisture. Good oil helps you to lock and retain your skin moisture.

Using the correct oils for your skin won’t make your skin oily, cause breakouts, or clog pores. Believe it or not, putting oil on your skin can actually balance the amount of oil your skin produces, making oily skin less oily, and making dry skin less dry. If you always have oily skin and oily skin towards the end of the day, your skin and hair may probably be lack of good oil hence your skin sebum produce exponentially to create oil for you. Your skin has natural lipids (or oils) as part of its makeup and they are vital for healthy, balanced skin. So it makes complete sense to restore your skin’s natural oils, every time you strip it off, especially as we age and our natural lipid levels drop.

No oil = dry skin = more visible wrinkles

In summary:

  • Your skin absorbs oil better than water
  • Oil strengthens your skin’s barrier function and prevents moisture loss (i.e. less wrinkles!)
  • Helps to repair, rebalance, retexture and protect your skin (That’s why they are often the star ingredients in moisturisers)
  • Cold pressed plant oils are so close to their natural state, they haven’t been modified by chemical processes or stem cell extraction. To make the oil, a flower or seed has just been pressed without heat to release the oil.


Note: If your skin and hair are new to oil, you may find that you feel oily after using oil. That is because your skin sebum is used to producing oil exponentially. Start with a smaller dosage and choose a part of your body to start with, once your body is starting to recognise that you have enough oil, it will slowly balance its oil production. As a result, you will feel less oily towards the end of the day in the long run.


Oil Vs Water based skincare Essential Oil Carrier Oil

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