Our Story

Verdure stands for fresh green growing vegetation and herbs.


Verdure is created by wellness enthusiasts who are determined to source pure and safe essential oils from organically grown plants around the world. Our aim is to only source essential oils of the highest quality to positively benefit your family at affordable prices, while supporting hard working farmers around the world. Sourcing from Bulgaria, Australia, Morocco, and many more countries, we personally test all essential oils and only choose those that are of the highest quality.


Verdure was founded by Joelle Tan with the passion to empower women in achieving better health and quality lifestyle.


Testimonial from Joelle Tan:


“The interest in exploring more on essential oils started when I was looking for a natural remedy to help my 1.5 years old daughter whom continuously had flu and cough caught from daycare. She was refusing to take natural cough syrup, and I decided to give the essential oil a try. I started off with diffusing and later on apply diluted blend on her feet every time before sending her off to daycare. To my surprise, we went through the bad flu season with a breeze when there was actually more cases recorded compared to previous year. This gave me the confidence to continue exploring the benefits of essential oil and make it a part of our daily lives.”


“My interest grows when I started making face serum, blending oil for sinus, eczema, headache, and muscle pain to help my family and friends. With the desire to help them source a reliable supply, I tried to search online for availability in Malaysia but there were not many options. That is when I have decided to bring in quality and affordable essential oil into Malaysia. My family has benefited greatly from the use of essential oil and we would like to see more families give it a go.”


Where were source our oil from

Bulgaria Lavender Roman Chamomile Clary Sage     Bosnia & Herzegovina Essential Oil Helichrysum italicum     Morocco Argan Cedarwood Cypress Apricot Kernel Sweet     

Oils from Egypt Geranium Frankincense Sweet Marjoram     Manuka Essential Oil New Zealand Leptospermum Scoparium     Oils from Australia Safflower Jojoba Spearmint Peppermint Lemon myrtle Eucalyptus radiata Tea Tree Melaleuca Rosalina Mandarin

Copaiba Oil from Amazonia Brazil Copaifera Officinalis