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Chamomile Roman


With a strong sweet warm floral aroma, chamomile roman essential oil has a sedative calming effect which reduces stress and depression, improves sleep and insomnia issues, improves scar and skin acne, and has a natural analgesic property.

Botanical name: Anthemis Nobilis or more known as Chamaemelum Nobile

Origin: Bulgaria

Extraction method: Steamed distilled

Aroma: Strong sweet warm floral

Size: 15ml amber glass bottle with a childproof cap


Also available in Mini V 3ml’


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  • A sedative calming effect which reduces depression, stress and anger
  • Relax the mind and body to lower blood pressure
  • Calm hyperactivity and improve your child’s sleep

  • Assist with scars, marks, and spots on the skin or face
  • Improve acne by removing toxins

  • Analgesic properties help reduce pain in muscles and joints. Eases symptoms of a headache, sinus, toothache and muscle pain

  • Assist with expelling excess gas from the intestines and stomach
  • Improve digestion

  • Assist with toning the skin, muscles, and internal organs
  • Natural diuretic which helps to flush away toxins and unwanted build-up substance like uric acid and salt

  • Assist in preventing infection and protect wounds, cuts, and bruises from becoming infected

  • May be used as an insect repellant


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